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The Hidden Secret to Landing Government Contracts

7:37 pm | 23:00

This week we sat down with Desmonde Monroe, Founder of The Monroe Group, a disaster and recovery firm that is often tasked by the government to aid in the rebuild of communities. We discussed everything from how to land government contracts and how politics affect the recovery process to his near-death experience at the age […]

Ben Kraim, the founder of Dumpling House

1:44 pm | 19:09

I couldn’t be happier than to introduce you with this weeks guest, Ben Kraim the founder of Dumpling House. We’ve sat down with some amazing entrepreneurs who are pushing limits across all industries and Ben is no exception. Check out how he turned his passion for meme and viral content into a thriving business with […]

Jessica Whitaker, Founder of Build And Bloom

1:42 pm | 18:18

Finally! A bossbabe! Though it was completely unintentional, we’re eight weeks in and finally sitting down with a female guest! To say we’re excited is an understandment! This week we’re in the studio with Jessica Whitaker, cofounder and the all around bossbabe behind Build and Bloom – a community of amateur photographers across the nation. […]

Dr. Rob Gore, Founder of Kings Against Violence Initiative

1:41 pm | 29:01

Not many people can call themselves a hero but our guest this week, Dr. Rob Gore, is just that! Dr. Gore has been acknowledged as a CNN Hero for his work with KAVI (Kings Against Violence Initiative) a nonprofit servicing more than 250 young people in the Crown Heights and Flatbush neighborhoods. We’re so hype […]

Peter Pestano, Founder of Monet Management

1:40 pm | 19:31

We’ve all heard it “Millennials aren’t focused… millennials just bounce around”. Well this week guest is bouncing around, from industry to industry, from project to project all while making a name from himself in the ever challenging worlds of product and talent management. This week we’re kicking it with Peter Pestano, the man behind Monet, […]

Devin Dixon, Founder of Bingwave and Untapped organization

1:38 pm | 22:58

Airbnb and hotels, Uber and cabs, Devin Dixon and movies. This weeks guest is a passionate film maker with his eyes on disrupting the industry. Tune in to find out how he plans to forever change how we access movies.

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