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The Future of NYC Real Estate

8:26 pm | 25:37

When Brandon Gibson, was eighteen he purchased his first investment properties. Fast forward over a decade later, he is the Principal of Light Rocks Holdings; a real estate development firm. We’re looking back at his first investment property nearly twelve years ago and talking about the future of Brooklyn real estate.

If you want to be a filmmaker – make a film

8:20 pm | 18:27

Founder of Katra Film Series, Geoffery Guerrero, is determined to create space for everyone in the film industry. Through Katra Film Series, he is making unknown film directors into household names but the road has not been easy and he has got his eye on even bigger fish – tune in to hear his journey […]

Probably one of the most interesting careers I’ve heard thus far

8:18 pm | 23:16

We’re in the studio this week with Geetika Agrawal, Founder or Vacation with an Artist – a business that allows people to source artist all around the world to visit and learn a new skill! We’re sure that you’ll be booking your trip after this episode – tune in to hear how her passion became […]

Kevito does it all

8:16 pm | 23:54

When we approached Kevin Clark to be a guest he humbly responded “I’m not really an entrepreneur” then came into the studio and shared a WEALTH of knowledge from his story! Kevin, aka “Kevito, has a podcast, a weekly newsletter, an event company (check out his weekly party series) and so much more. We are […]

I am a die-hard entrepreneur, there is no other option for me

8:10 pm | 30:00

We’re in the studio with serial entrepreneurial Nadege Fleurimond. She is a founder of Fleurimond Catering LLC, Roar Consulting, facilitator of a high school entrepreneurship program, travel group leader, real estate investor, and author of Haiti Uncovered – a regional adventure into the art of Haitian Cuisine. Nadege shared a bit of her story and […]

It was fine but I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do

8:06 pm | 28:48

Have you ever found yourself going against your calling? We’re in the studio with Jesse Tendler, director and actor, who pursued many “safe” careers before following his heart. Check out his story here!

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