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Money is free of you know how to grab it. Money is expensive if you don’t.

7:52 pm | 20:26

Pascal Moise, the Brooklyn Tax Doctor, stopped by the studio and blessed us with tax and life lessons! Starting at age 10, Pascal was already on his entrepreneurial journey selling t-shirts and now he’s the owner of Lakay Multi-Services LLC providing tax solutions to over 1,000 customers each year. We were blown away by his […]

There is no opportunity if you aren’t ready for it

7:50 pm | 28.01

From being forced to move to Harlem and attend secretarial school to creating one of Brooklyn’s most prominent tech conferences- we’re in the studio with the Founder of Brooklyn Tech Week, Nizer Saunders. Tune to hear how the lessons of his childhood led him to be the driving force behind the effort to make Brooklyn […]

Building Businesses And Schools – Using Big Business To Make Big Changes

1:45 pm | 20:54

Have you ever met someone who instantly inspired you? We have and, lucky us, he’s our guest this week! Thought leader and philanthropist Sam Pierre is not only the founder of a successful consulting agency, SMP Consulting, he is also the driving force behind two schools in Haiti. He’s a business man with a huge […]

From Event Hall To Pulpit – The New Face of a Local Church

7:43 pm | 29:54

We are in studio with Richard Barrios, a voluntary pastor who, alongside his wife Demetria, is challenging and changing the traditional mode of church. From transferring an event hall into a pulpit to opening the doors at 5pm- everything Richard and Demetria are taking everything you know or heard about religious structure and turning it […]

Insights from a 24 Year Old Business Phenom

7:41 pm | 28.56

At age 12 Andres had a Youtube channel. At age 17 he started his first company. At 24, he’s offering all Inside BKLYN listeners a book on how to launch their own company! Listen, email, and learn!

God kept kicking me out of the corporate world

7:39 pm | 26:49

God kept kicking me out of the corporate world” We sat down with Tiffany Joy Murchison, Founder of TJ Murchison & Co. a boutique PR firm that works with everyone from nonprofits to collegiate athletes. A brilliant woman who despite 20 years of experience is still a student committed to always learning more. Tiffany definitely […]

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