Our Story

We were just three entrepreneurs from BK looking to shine a light on our community. The rest is history.

Inside Brooklyn is quite literally that – Founded by Johanne Brierre with her two former coworkers. That’s us;  Johanne, Megan and Jenne. Through our professional careers, we’ve had the crazy privilege of meeting amazing people doing amazing things, right here in our community.  We’ve seen these amazing people struggle to get their products and businesses noticed, and we knew we had to help. In 2018, we launched Inside Brooklyn to create a place for entrepreneurs to share their work, and to cover all of the cool things that are happening here.

Since its inception, Inside Brooklyn has continued to evolve and grow. In February 2019, we began videocasting from inside our studio to interview the people we think you should know, as well as to share important information about Brooklyn real estate, tax policies, independent film and festivals, digital marketing and business finances.

The Inside Brooklyn podcast is hosted by Jaymie Bowles of WJMS Radio. Jaymie’s years of radio experience are complemented by co-host Nigel Robert’s skillful interview style. The pair dig in to their guests’ successes with insightful questions that highlight their journeys and tell great local stories.

Tune in every Wednesday at 7 p.m. The podcast  is available on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and more. You can catch up on missed episodes through our SoundCloud archive or on our newly launched YouTube channel.


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