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There has to be more than this!

8:04 pm | 23:44

With over 15 years of experience in finance and CBS News and American Express as her former employers, Nadia Aristide CEO of Maroon Strategist is serious about her coin! Nadia stopped by the studio to share where her passion for financial management comes from and why she’s so passionate about sharing that information not just […]

I had NO idea what I was doing in college

8:03 pm | 20:19

Christa Artwell is the Founder of Artwell Creative – an organization focused on artist representation, connecting artist to community and community to artist. Christina sat down with us this week to share her journey- starting with live-changing friendships formed in college, a slew of internships, and ultimately the marriage of her current passions into a […]

They’re in a band, they have full time jobs, and they Co-founded a nonprofit!

8:01 pm | 27:10

They’re in a band, they have full time jobs, and they Co-founded a nonprofit! Is there anything Rina and Hollis can’t do?! ???? This week we sat down with the brains and rhythm behind PLG Arts, a nonprofit whose mission is to make music accessible to all and to bring local music back to its […]

It’s not underserviced, it’s underfunded

7:59 pm | 23:01

We’re getting political this week yall! We’re in the studio with Brian Cunningham, Deputy Direct of Neighbors in Action and Council member, who dropped so many gems about the importance of local elections and how we can use politics to reshape our communities. Brian is a Brooklyn boy with a drive for community organizing.

As you grow in your career you find yourself in rooms with less and less people that look like you

7:57 pm | 16:33

Jeff Lindor, founder of Gentlemans Factory, knows the power of community so when his started to look likes like him he made it his business to be a sanctuary for Black men of all ages. Tune to in to hear how Jeff went from city employee to the owner of the premier social club for […]

The market is open to everyone… Amazon is not the competitor I’m worried about

7:55 pm | 23:57

We’re back! This week we’re in the studio with Johanne Civil. the creator of Pearl Market; a seasonal market showcasing food, fashion, beauty, and homestyle around Brooklyn. With a background in tech, Johanne shares with us some ways she’s successfully made her brand stand out amongst the saturated market of pop-shops.

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